A very strange bird is the pelican

His beak can hold more than his belly can

This is a lovely example, standing 2 1/2″ high, he has metal legs and a three part body


Kangaroo family

Forest Toys of Brockenhurst

Following on from the royal visit down under – a family of Kangaroos including a baby in mum’s pouch, from my book


Correction to The Forest Toys of Brockenhurst

On page 50 under the section on dogs, at the bottom left hand corner a grey and white dog has been shown as a Chow Chow.  It is in fact a Keeshond. These dogs were used as guard dogs on Dutch canal boats.

The Chow Chow is the red coated dog shown here

Forest Toys, a champion CHOW CHOW

A new addition. This Fluffy Chow Chow is in his section of a Dog Show kennel awaiting judging. The kennels comprise 1 x 6 and 2 x 3 sections, each with a fine chain to keep them in place.  I think this one has certainly won a prize, but where is his rosette ?

Forest Toys Cat

I love this Forest Toys cat waiting for the mouse to reappear from the nibbled feed sack. This is the only known pose for a FT cat, unless you know otherwise.  From my book which can be seen in my shop –  go to


Both these Forest Toys Indian and African elephants are happy to share a watering hole in such hot weather. The babies come in a variety of sizes and poses as well as the adults.  Their tusks are made of lead.

Forest Toys Polo pony and rider

Something suitable for the hot weather perhaps? rider and pony taken from my book although I have to admit the ball (if that is the correct word) isn’t original.


Although the Forest Toys Foxhounds are the most easily found dogs, a family like this is very unusual. Adult dogs also come scenting and running. Look out for an open mouth version of the latter. These are some of the fifty plus to be found in my book The Forest Toys of Brockenhurst